Tuesday, July 29, 2008

St. Andrews Highland Dancing

So for my documentary I am doing Highland Dancing. My first glimpse at the competition aspect was at the St. Andrews Highland Games. The haar (fog) was pretty intense in the early afternoon, but it made it cooler for the dancers and as a former Irish dancer, I knew that the cooler weather was a blessing. There were stage moms, boys, girls, judges, and all sorts of politics. It was fun being a part of it without actually having to be in my dress competing and awaiting results from salty judges. Here are a bunch of frames I made that day. Enjoy and keep the comments coming!


Jessi said...

So how hard was it for you to not jump on stage and dance along with them all? I know the feeling, it's like when I walk past the boathouse here in Heidelberg. The pictures look fab, keep them coming!

Anna Edwards said...

I need tartan. Purple tartan everything. Right now. Haha. Nice colors! Good seeing, keep up the good work.

caitlin92 said...

hi rachel,
we met you at st andrews highland games where you took photos of my daughter caitlin, you gave me your email address to send me photos but unfortunately have misplaced it, could you please send them to caitlins email address.
Caitlin Stewart details dance in 14 to 16yr premier