Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fair time...

As the Elkhart County 4-H Fair gets off to a start, I find myself very busy and a bit sunburnt. Some of the assignments are your usual group shots of 4-H winners with multiple wins and multiple participants which all must be I.D. correctly for the caption versus just saying "Poultry Showmanship winners". But it's cool, you are a kid you won an award, the least I can do is let your name be under the caption of the pic for the paper for your 24 hrs of fame. I think I just don't get 4-H. Well, some aspects of it at least. I mean the horse stuff is cool and some of the animals end up being pets at the end of the fair. But, as I have confided in a few people, I have a whole "Charlotte's Web" complex and the feeling that it is just a death camp for the poor animals entered in some of the competitions. They all look so sad. I try not to venture to that side of the fair unless I have to. 

I did shoot an armwrestling competition that got pretty intense with the other intern, Dustin, who wrote a great story about that and the strong man competition (which I did not get to shoot). Also did a quick and dirty soundslides on the cheerleading competition. I am actually quite pleased with it, more so because the pictures were so funny and the out takes I didn't include probably could have humiliated those poor jr. high and high school girls. I'm not THAT cruel... just sorta. Plus it was just fun to be around the madness of it; oh, and that i'm secretly jealous I was never able to do all those cheerleader moves. I did my cheer camp at Atlantic High School as a kid and got to be thrown in the air and cheer for the local high school's basketball team (they won, obviously thanks to us cheerleaders), and then I retired my green and white pom poms. :-P

Anyway here are some pix from the arm wrestling and the link to the Cheerleading soundslides. I feel bad for not adding more on here and adding all the random things I have been shooting, time just gets away. OH! And here is a soundslides I did on deadline for a vintage baseball team!!! Highly amusing. Enjoy!