Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I went to Inverness and all I got was this piece of sea glass...

So we went to Inverness, in the Highlands for one of our group trips. On the 4 hour train ride there and the 4 hour one back, we saw lots of beautiful farms, scenery, monroes, etc., but once we got to Inverness we had 5 hours in a touristy town and we all kind of felt like we got shafted because while the town was nice, it wasn't those farms and the Highland cows we had thought it would be. We ended up walking around on the "island", throwing rocks, and just kind of bonding since we knew any story we'd find up there would be too much of a hassle to get there and actually do. Oh. And we didn't get to see Nessie. Sorry, Mal! We did laugh a lot and I really enjoyed spending time with my classmates and joking about the lack of ice cream. Seriously. Every town had like 5 ice cream shops and Inverness failed us. We were all pretty loopy on the way home. Here are some pix from the day along with one I took while we waited for the bus at night in Edinburgh. 


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