Friday, July 25, 2008

Dunbar take 2

So our Thursday trip was to Dunbar. Again. At first we were all confused and kind of bummed, but it turned out to be a great day! It wasn't full of festival stuff and it was just its normal self which proved to be lovely and was probably one of the better days I have had here. The harbor seemed so empty without all the falderall, but it was just as beautiful. We had to do a 100 frames, no deleting, shoot on someone while we were there. I did a beautician names Charlene in the BEAUTY BAR doing a Gina's nails. Gina ended up being a great source of information since her Highland dance school is STILL have practice! I lucked out and according to Terry and Lyntha, I am the first person to ever get practice pix! I ended up going to her practice in a small village called Cockburnspath (pronounced Co-borns-path), also known as Copath. Once I go through those pix I will post them as well. Enjoy the ones for now though! Comment and know I miss you all! Cheers!


Sara Mosher said...

Hey kid!

Pics lookin' good. Nice to have a break because I'm sitting here putting more keywords on all of Ed's pictures - I get to do more interesting stuff than that, like updating his blog and doing his website - but today it's slow and so metadata here I go!

I hope Scotland gets better every day :)

Warren said...

Wow rach these pics are really nice, I am sad that I hadn't got to take a look at them till now but I am glad that I did! With your personality and natural talent at photography I think that I will be seeing your name in print quite often!
Much love and looking forward to your return.