Friday, August 28, 2009

#SPJ100 - tweeting, meeting, and looking towards the future

When Emily asked me if I wanted to attend the Society of Professional Journalism conference in Indy near the end of the summer, I really wasn't sure I was going to go. I mean, journalism conference vs. photojournalism conference? We all try to be combined, but what if I register and get there and there is NO ONE talking about visual content and I am sitting in news writing seminars all day? Luckily, visual communication seminars were going to be involved. So why not go?

Now here I sit in the Westin in Indy and enjoying the 2nd day of the conference. I seriously am amazed by how much I am learning about journalism, photos, technology, and how to have a career in something I love to do! The cardboard box future is looking less likely, thus the future does not look quite as bleak as it once did.

I have also found myself obsessed with tweeting this summer, but especially here at the conference. There must be at least 100 people twittering about the conference every few minutes and hash-tagging it #spj100. I have to constantly refresh my page because 120 new posts have been made! Plus I have gained about 5 new friends on Twitter just from putting #spj100 into my tweets. Technology and social networking is a powerful thing.

Still tons of seminars to attend as well as othe
r things before the weekend is out, and plenty of places to go and things to do with Emily and Tom, but so far I'm a big fan. :-)


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