Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick update

January was a busy month and February is looking to be even more busy.

"Season" is officially upon us. Driving anywhere takes twice as long, there are double the amount of things to cover and doing anything outside of hiding inside the comfort of your own home is basically torture. Oh, and apparently even though our weather is WAY, WAY better than up North, Mother Nature has decided to cause freeze warnings and many stressful mornings for of us Floridians as we go rooting through our closets and drawers looking for a sweater or anything warm to wear. Seriously, folks, I have been wearing the same six sweaters on repeat.

But I really can't complain. I am happy and have had so many fun times with my coworkers before, during and after work as well as with my old pals and even some new ones already this year and we are only a month-and-a-half in! Here are a few shots from a couple of different assignments I have had for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune over the last few weeks. I have some fun stuff coming up so things should get more interesting in the next blog installment. :-)

 Ringling Bridge Run shadow shot.

 Dan dressed in some awesome costume pieces while working the photo booth at the Ringling Bridge Run. Dan is one of the photogs on staff here and is an odd combo between friend/mentor/annoying big brother.

 Joe Granato was the organizer of the Sarasota location for the Global Game Jam. He is pretty obsessed with video games. 

 Manolo Siaden was making some beautiful pieces of jewelry at the Sarasota Native American Indian Festival a few weekends ago.  

 How could I pass this picture opportunity up? John Miller enjoyed some mango pie while sitting on his bike at the third annual pie contest.

 The Bird did not like Kevin Preston's Boston Red Sox hat and decided to take it off his head and "eat it" while Preston was waiting in line to buy his spring training tickets at Ed Smith Stadium. Oh, The Bird.
 Remember Jim Elvis? Well I went to his Chinese New Years Party at his home. Whoa. It was amazing how much Elvis stuff was in and outside his small home. It didn't feel like a hoarders home at all though! Everything had a place. Obviously this life-size mosaic of Elvis at the bottom of his pool was pretty epic.

 Not only was I invited but a photo of the two of us from his performance at the Waffle Stop was framed and in his kitchen. Also a bunch of my photos from online and the paper were out for people to look at and I was introduced as "the girl who took all those photos". Fair enough. 

 Of course Jim performed at his own party because, well, he can do whatever he wants. 

 Had a little flash back to my doc piece I did on Highland dancing last weekend while covering the Highland Games and Celtic Festival.

The Sword Dance. Always a crowd favorite.

This is Elaine another photog at the paper. Elaine is also a combo of friend/mentor/cool only a day-or-two-older-than-me big sister. She also rocks at being a model when testing some lighting scenarios.

Ashley Eatherly, 21, had a tattoo put on her back in remembrance of her friend Carlie Jane Brucia. Eatherly was one of the many friends of Brucia to attend the candlelight memorial service that was held for the 10th anniversary of the murder of Carlie Brucia Saturday, February 1  in the Garden of Joy and Prayer Walk at Central Church of Christ.

live. laugh. love.

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