Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Project

365 Days - 365 Photos

I got the idea to do this due to a new friend, Caitlin Morris. She did it last year (2010) and we discussed it at Thanksgiving. She said that there were days where her photo would capture a big event, days where she photographed something that just caught her eye and sometimes she would just shoot her feet. While every photo may not have been something extraordinary, she was glad she had photographed everyday for one year of her life. I thought about this and realized I really wanted todo something like this. So here it goes and if none of my other resolutions stick, hopefully this one will. Here is the image Caitlin used to explain the project. I thought about making one of my own, but this sums it all up!

I am going to try and update the blog every so often with pictures that are part of my 365 project, but you can always find the photos on my Facebook and Tumblr where I am going to try and keep them going constantly. Here is Jan. 01's image and info...

January 01, 2011
Ceviche Bar
10:38 p.m.

I took this picture on my phone (I know kind of silly for a photographer to take her first photo of the year on her terrible cell cam). I went out for some dinner and drinks with my friends Loren, Alex and Shanna. I loved the way the bottles looked and new it would be a fun shot, even on a cell, if I could get some of the bartenders in the frame. I waited and finally clicked. I loved the mood of it and thought it said a lot about how my long New Years Day ended in Sarasota.
Happy New Years Day (evening)!

Another resolution? To use this blog more. Here's to a new year full of fun, happiness and photos for all!!!

peace. love. happiness.


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