Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bubbles and Water guns: Jackson and Megan

The couple I am living with while doing my internship at the Cape Cod Times are possibly some of the nicest people I have ever met. Jude and Michael Williams are funny, smart and full of life. While they have many passions and hobbies, nothing compares to their love of being grandparents. As I go into my second week here, I have met the Williams' daughter and her adorable two children, Jackson and Megan. Jackson and Megan love their "Yummy and Papa" and are frequent visitors to the house. As many of you well know, I adore kids, especially ones that are this sweet and funny. Jackson is 5, going on 6, and Megan just turned 4. Jackson is the more sensitive one, but he is no push over; all boy and full of mischief. Megan only likes to wear dresses, however, she is a tough cookie and going to be quite a handful when she get into her teens. I have only spent time with Jackson and Megan twice, the day I moved in and this Sunday, but I can tell already that these two are going to be part of a lot of my memories this summer. Here are a bunch of pictures from today, which, by the way, was a gorgeous day. Enjoy!

Peace. Love. Happiness.


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