Thursday, May 20, 2010

Group/Couple Portrait - Jamie and Tosha

For the group/couple portrait, I had a hard time getting people together at the same time for this photo. I lucked out however and got a hold of a fellow Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer and she happened to be meeting with her little on a day I could get into the studio. I am still uncomfortable with the studio and having to light things. However, Jamie and Tosha were patient and I hope they ended up having fun in the process. When I made them write what they liked most about being a big and a little, I got some great responses. Here are the three photos I turned in for class, plus a few extras! Thanks, ladies! Enjoy!
Here were the responses:

Tosha: I like to be Jamie's little because she is so cool and funny.

Jamie: I like to be Tosha's big sis because she is the little sister I never had, and always makes me smile!

Peace. Love. Happiness.


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