Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paw Paw Perfection

The 11th Annual Paw Paw Festival at Lake Snowden was a great way to recreate some magical moments I have experienced with some of my closest friends since sophomore year when we first drove out to the festival without knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Between the Paw Paw beer garden, the Paw Paw buckeyes, the children and dogs running around, tents with crafts, beautiful light, fabulous people and hay bails to sit on, it's no wonder we always come back for more. This year was even more amusing since I spent a great deal at Lake Snowden while working on "Trailerpark", except when I was working it was usually freezing and not quite so laid back (but we did it and it was a huge success!). Here are some photos I took while having fun (recreation of sophomore year group photo by the lake courtesy of Michael Glass). It was nice just to shoot for myself rather than for a class. So here, here to the Ohio fruit and it's festival and all the wonderful memories it has given me.


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