Monday, October 8, 2007

Signed With Love

This is a work in progress of my story on Amber Haver and her students at East Elementary. She is the Deaf Ed teacher and has four students, 1 of which is not allowed to be photographed. This is more her in the classroom, I still have to get with her at her house and out with her friends. Feedback always welcome. :-)

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AngelLeorin said...

I think this is a girl I went to elementary school with, Indian Trail and then Lake View for 6th grade. If it is her, then you are doing a story upon someone who obviously has stayed an amazing person through out her life. She was like a sister to me in our youth. I still have some pictures of when we went to Geauga Lake somewhere. Same hair she has now too. We were about 12 then.
Last I had heard from her, she was going to school in Florida. Love and Peace to Amber.

I was the rambunctious one back in school, the trouble maker. She kept me out of a lot of trouble. *giggles like a school boy*

Sadly I moved away and only got to talk to her a few times when I was 16 and 18 I think.

So on a weird whim of seeing where people are at now using Google's search engine. I came across this blog about her, with pictures. The pictures definitely prove that it has to be her.

Perhaps she remembers my nick name of Vicious Vinny. If you ask her if that name rings a bell you may get a good laugh from her.

Makes me happy to see that she has done well in life.

Rock On,